Workshops Program for 2013

BELLY DANCE workshop with SAGATTES and DARBOUKA***ALL LEVELS***Discover Egyptian percussionist's HASSAN ABDEL KHALEK's learning methods while he'll play during the workshop with the dancer-instructor ***MELINDA*** Learn to play and dance with the sagattes, Oriental Rhythms and Belly Dance Combos***Subject BALADI*** The Pur of the sagattes*** "Baladi is like a closed flower, you have to open it to show what's inside"

Time? 4 hours of workshop split in Sunday 4 hours from 1pm to 5pm

Date? The week-end Saturday 7th and Sunday 17th of April 2013

Prise? 65€

Where? C3B, 54 rue Emeriau 75015

INFO and REGISTRATION : Hassan Abdel Khalek +33(0)6 08 99 01 06 or e-mail: